iDevAffiliate Review & Pricing

What is iDevAffiliate?

iDev Affiliate (iDevDirect) claims to have been providing the #1 selling tracking software since 1999 and the UI certainly looks a little 1990s even though the functionality for affiliates is extremely comprehensive. We cover all the pros and cons of this affiliate program software in this detailed iDev Affiliate Review.

Brands can run iDevAffiliate from their own hosting account and add their branding which is why it has proved so popular over the years.

iDevAffiliate WordPress

One of their customers who self hosts on their wordpress site ( is Thrive Themes. To install idevaffiliate with wordpress you simply set up a subfolder that powers everything. To learn how to install iDev Affiliate check out the video below.

Setting up iDev Affiliate

Once you have connected iDev Affiliate to your website it’s time to set it up and integrate your shopping cart as well as mailing list. iDevAffiliate has over 150 different integrations to choose from so chances are your existing marketing software stack will play nicely. Check out the quick software set up guide below.

You will want to set tier commissions for your affiliates which is very simple to do, explained in the video below.

You can choose between percentage and flat-rate payouts as well a pay per lead or even pay per click.

Now that you have installed and set up iDev Affiliate and added your marketing materials take a look at what the dashboard looks like for their affiliates below.

iDevAffiliate Affiliate Dashboard

Once affiliates log in they are greeted with the marketing dashboard where you can quickly see the total number of transactions along with total earned to date and quick access to your standard link.

But what is really great is the ability for your partners to choose whatever page is on the companies website to turn into a landing page with their affiliate code by heading to ‘Alternate Incoming Page Links’ shown below.

Watch the video below to learn how to pay your affiliates.

iDev Affiliate Pricing

iDevAffiliate has an innovative pricing model where users can choose from a one time fee for self hosting or monthly pricing from $39/m for cloud hosting.


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