Display of Results – 3 CLVboost Marketing Case Studies in Brief

Case Study 1 – More Leads and More Sales (Software Client) Beginning work with new CRM Software company based in Thailand, we realized that their particular target market (in this case: sellers of herbal supplements and natural products) would be difficult to attract with search engine optimization or paid advertising. The client needed to find new prospects quickly, and translate those prospects into qualified sales appointments. Our strategy included:

  • Hiring an inexpensive outsourced team to amass a list of online herbal suppliment retailers from around the world as a test group for a new campaign
  • Construction of a first outbound email marketing campaign, using a new software to personalize hundreds of outbound emails at a time
  • A specific strategy to approach online retailers via email, and a basic phone script procedure to determine their needs, eliminate their objectives, and get the sale via phone
  • An acquired list of over 2,000 targeted prospects
  • A first “cold” sale (non-referred prospect), which included a $5,000.00 down payment
  • The software client was provided with targeted outbound email templates, and a testing methodology to continuously improve email open rates over time, building on our success together

Case Study 2 – More Appointments from Email Newsletters (Physical Therapy Client)

An established physical therapy chain in the United Kingdom reached out to us about email marketing strategies to drive more revenues. The client’s homepage was well designed, but not optimized for converting leads to opt-in their email and phone information. Similarly, although the client’s email list was relatively large, it had never been used strategically to target and communicate with profitable segments of the prospect database. Our strategy included:
  • Segmenting and parsing the email database by client problem (knee pain, neck pain, back pain, sports injury, etc…)
  • Creating custom educational campaigns about pain relief and recovery, to be rotated among those new email database segments
  • Creation of a new outbound phone script to call all prospects who clicked specific email links in order to actively solicit appointments to already interested customers
  • Webpage design overhaul, and inclusion of Phone Number” field on any initial opt-in forms, ensuring that the receptionists can directly reach out to new prospects
  • The client was immediately able to book more appointments faster thanks to the inclusion of phone number on their front-end opt-in forms
  • Another 6-8 appointments booked per week simply by rotating specific offers and education to targeted segments of the email database (adding another six figures of annual revenue on top of existing marketing procedures)

Case Study 3 – More eCommerce Purchases (eCommerce Client)

Approached by an eCommerce company selling in sports-related training products, we were asked to improve the customer lifetime value of new leads. With limited email automation and no segmentation amongst lead categories, we had a white-canvas opportunity to help this client ensure greater revenues-per-lead, ensuring their profitability and continued growth with paid online advertising. Our strategy included:
  • We segmented new initial leads into three separate categories: coaches, parents or athletes, and athletes
  • We constructed a 3-tiered marketing automation architecture, including a series of affordable initial offers to present to all new leads in a specific order, and progressively larger eCommerce offers presented to buyers
  • We adjusted lead-capture page designs and sales-page designs to garner higher conversion rates
Results included:
  • The client more than doubled monthly revenues within 9 months of working together
  • Consistent “up and to the right” revenues thanks to affordable multi-pay offers, ensuring a steady stream of monthly payments
  • Additional “found” revenue by rotating additional offers to specific list segments of past customers / prospects

Reaching Your Goals with CLVboost

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