Consumption Campaigns to Drive High-Ticket Products and Services

the pull-up campaign. A consumption campaign is set in place in order to get an ideal conversion rate, and more specifically when you need a prospect or lead to engage with educational content, such as case study video or scaffolded descriptions of services, in sequential fashion. If you’re looking to sell a high-ticket product or service, you want prospects to first understand your value proposition and story of the company, as well as the value of the product. A consumption campaign takes people through tiers of education and does not move them to the next tier until they watch the previously linked video.

Consumption Campaign In Action

Ultimately, in a service or product business – we’ll use a marketing automation business as an example – you want to move people to a level where they’re willing to pay $2k per month for coaching services. Marketing Automation Consumption Campaign The lead may have entered the bottom or first email chain because he or she bought a book or some other product. This first tiered sequence will drive the prospect toward clicking and watching one, 11-minute video that aims to convey the company’s core value proposition i.e. to teach businesses to systematize their business operations, automate their marketing sequences, and boost customer lifetime value. In order to drive the click, you might have the video linked in each email, which powerfully conveys the company’s value proposition. Each email will continue to remind prospects of that linked video resource. You won’t want each email to be identical or to harass the prospect in any way; instead, you’ll “coax the click” by engaging with varied calls to action, each of which might refer to different benefits. As soon as the customer watches the video, you’ll automatically move them up to the second email marketing tier. In this case, you’ll probably want to provide case studies. In order for people to be willing to pay the big bucks, they likely need to understand how others have benefitted from the same services. I’m a huge fan of case studies for this explicit purpose. The same principles apply as in the first email sequence; each email should garner the click that will get that prospect to watch the case study video, which in this case is a link to an article that showcases two clients’ success stories. Marketing Automation Consumption Campaign If the prospect enters this second tier but doesn’t click, you can decide what you want to do with them, whether that be keeping them where they are or sending them to a sequence for a lower ticket product sell. But as soon as they do click, you want to move them up to the next and ultimate series, where you deliver the more overt call to action for the higher-ticket coaching service.

Applying to Your Business

The same consumption campaign principles can be used for a service or product business. Generally, the following staples apply:
  • An multi-tiered email sequence (this can be four to five tiers, or just two tiers)
  • Emails that educate prospects, usually with a video or case study, about your company and preframes the big-ticket item
  • Automated move up to the next email tier when the prospect clicks the target link
Think about how you can apply a consumption campaign in your own business. Do you have any offers that are so expensive or involved that, if you presented these to a lead in an overt fashion, the offer would come across as pushy? If you do, this marketing automation strategy is ideal to prime and prep people to purchase that high-ticket offer, and allows you to drive the right people to the right opportunity. Interested in building a consumption email campaign to drive your service or offer, but feel like you’d benefit from additional insight or collaboration? Submit your project ideas and requests to our team at CLVboost, and we’ll help you determine if your needs are a good fit for our consulting services. Here’s to a productive week, -Daniel Faggella CLVboost Founder  ]]>

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