CLVboost Presents at Mass Innovation Nights #62

Mass Innovation Nights #62, and was also “upvoted” into the top 3 companies – giving us an opportunity to get on the microphone an present for the MassInno crowd. The night was electric with a lot of enthusiasm from burgeoning companies – and fun interactions with bigger tech players like Progress Software, who hosted and catered the event. In addition to getting to talk with the VP of Technology and the CTO of Progress Software, we also got to present on two common errors that startups make with email marketing:

  • “Blanket” follow-up sequences that don’t speak to prospect / customer segments individually
  • Lack of explicit past-customer follow up, retention, or win-back campaigns to give due attention and sales focus to the people or companies that have already paid you at least once
Big thanks to Bobbie at Mass Innovation Nights, and to everyone online who voted us up to present last night! – Daniel Faggella]]>

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