Adding 100k in Revenue with Email Marketing – a CLVboost Case Study

Industry: Physical Therapy / Business Counselling Content: Email Marketing Highlights: Increased Sales Revenue by Collaborating with CLVBoost through the use of the following strategies:

  • Using email marketing strategies to gain more sales appointments
  • Automation strategies that helped Paul sell more of his email subscribers than ever before.
Paul G. is the owner of multiple physical therapy clinics throughout the United Kingdom as well as running a consulting business that helps other physical therapists learn to market their businesses effectively. By working with ClVboost Paul was able to generate around $100,000 in additional revenue with email marketing and proper email segmentation. In addition to email segmentation and “newsletter” (or “broadcast”) marketing, Paul employed new automation sequences that helped to convert significantly more of his email leads into phone appointments – and in turn – into new patients.

Implemented Strategies with CLVboost

One of the biggest ways Paul saw improvement in his business was by using InfusionSoft to the fullest capacity. With the help of CLVboost, Paul was able to create a segmented past patient list based on the complaints or injuries of past prospects. By sending out targeted, periodical newsletter content about topics such as knee pain, back pain, and sports injuries, Paul could target and appeal to individual list segments – following up their email engagement (by tracking opens and clicks on email messages) with phone calls or additional invitations to his clinic. The strategy of “farming” his old leads helped to drive an average of six new patients per week into his facilities.

Paul’s Results: $100,000.00+ Yearly Revenue Increase

By broadcasting Paul has been able to consistently been able to reactivate about 6-8 patients a week, which led Paul to then be able to offer other products and services – lifting his volume of new patients as well as their customer lifetime value. This further led Paul to create different kinds of products each with their own different benefits and services as well as a yearly program in which his clients were able to pay for a year’s worth of services which led to greater increases in sales revenue. And because of that initial release of content Paul has been able to consistently reactivate old patients and new clients which in itself led to increased sales of other products and services and also helped Paul become a published author. Those reactivated patients each lead to about five to six hundred dollars in revenue, and with the reactivation of patients comes the added benefit of being able to sell other products and services. With the revenues amassed by Paul’s consistent reactivations and product sales which can then be transferred to Paul’s coaching business for further revenue. With the help of CLVboost, Paul was able to utilize our techniques in automation to generate and average of $100,000.00 in yearly revenue. Paul has been in the CLVboost Blueprint program for over 16 months at the time of this writing, and continues to learn / grow multiple businesses with the help of our marketing automation and inbound marketing consulting services. For businesses interested in our 1-to-1 consulting services, please read more about our application-only Blueprint Program here.]]>

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