The Company CLVboost is an online resource for marketing automation and email marketing insights. Our articles and videos help marketers and business owners get more out of their marketing. “Automate and Optimize” is our motto – and it’s the theme of all of our articles and coverage here. CLVboost once offered consulting and online training services, but these services have since ceased as we’ve moved on to focus 100% on artificial intelligence.

We’ve Moved On In 2014, CLVboost was started as an email marketing consulting company, offering both services and online products, growing to be a health 6-figure business by 2015. The funds from CLVboost’s efforts were funneled to Emerj, a media and market research platform for artificial intelligence. By 2016, Emerj was growing in popularity and the sale of my eCommerce business was more than enough funding to focus on Emerj full time. CLVboost remains open as a blog for covering marketing automation strategy, and we occasionally have guest writers chip in articles that we think might be relevant for our audience. Though we no longer offer products and services here at CLVboost, there’s still a lot of ways to learn about marketing on the cutting edge:

Some of our most popular and useful blog posts about marketing automation and email marketing strategy:

We continue to write on the CLVboost blog on occasion, and we sometimes accept content written from outside experts if we believe it’s a fit for our audience

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The Team

Daniel Faggella. Daniel is an Inc5000 CEO and the original founder of CLVboost.com. He sold his first business (a martial arts /fitness academy) for six figures at age 25, and his second business (eCommerce) for over $1MM at age 29 – both companies relied heavily on marketing automation. Daniel has used both previous exits as funding for his artificial intelligence business, TechEmergence (Emerj). Find Dan online:


Kiley Lynch. Kiley is an online entrepreneur who helps CLVboost create excellent video content and articles about marketing automation, email marketing, and lead generation. Lauren D’Ambra. Editor and content creator extraordinaire, Lauren helps mold our email broadcast messages, our online articles, and our video scripts to convey our lessons simply to our subscribers. Irshad Ahmad. Irshad helps with design and development at CLVboost, including the function of our membership sites and online video courses.]]>

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