The “Why” of Marketing Automation Before we get into the benefits of using marketing automation tactics, let’s talk about the term itself. Marketing outreach automation simply automates all of the distribution and management tasks you’re your content. Whether you are posting new content on social media or your blog doesn’t matter to the software of your choosing. All you need to worry about is inputting the right string of commands and the automation process will begin. Some 51% of businesses today tend to automate their content management, instead focusing on creation and analysis of engagement. What makes marketing automation so unique and why is everyone so excited about it?

  1. It’s a timesaver

If you take all the content planning and creation into consideration, the last thing you need is the actual content management on top. Using specialized software to automate your content posting based on a strict schedule can be a lifesaver. The time you save up can amount to a few precious hours that you can spend more productively during each week. This time can be used for engaging your customers, setting up meetings, creating new content plans or simply tending to your daily work schedule. Many businesses consider using marketing automation for this very reason since they are usually startups and small enterprises. Using this method is both cheaper and faster than having a content manager onboard – something that plays a huge role in most companies.

  1. Flexible customer management

The way you treat your customers speaks volumes about the kind of culture you cultivate in your company. Marketing automation allows you to focus solely on engaging customers via email marketing, comments or even live discussions. Micromanaging your content for optimal reach is a thing of the past considering all of the hard work can be done by the software. All you need to do is load up the content you want to post for the next several days and focus on what truly matters – your followers.

  1. Easier data analysis

One of the most important aspects of implementing any type of marketing is following up on it with adequate research. Sometimes the turnaround times are so short that you will barely have the time to glance at your engagement numbers, let alone come to sensible conclusions. By allowing automation to do most of the work for you, you can safely focus on gathering and analyzing data from your campaigns. This will in turn make the next campaign you plan and automate better than the one before – something that was practically impossible to do without an automated helping hand.

  1. Consistent content output

Subscribing to a new blog, a newsletter or a social media page means that you expect to see new content soon. The same applies for you as a content provider, whether you use that channel for promotional content or useful articles for your followers. Consistency is essential in internet content management, and automating your distribution means that you will be more consistent than ever before. By allowing yourself the benefit of having strict weekly deadlines, you can easily focus on more important tasks of creating quality content and engaging the customers. Manually managing the content and publishing it on your platform of choice will be a thing of the past if you choose to implement outreach automation.

  1. Automated messages

Introducing marketing automation means that you will be able to send off different automated emails and messages to your customers. Depending on what type of a site and content you are trying to promote, customers might try different actions with your content. Getting a flag that someone wanted to buy something but didn’t go through with it or that someone subscribed to your mailing list is a great way to stay alert. It can also be a good practice to handcraft several messages that the users will receive based on their actions on your website. All of this can be done automatically without you needing to do anything manually except nurture the leads you gather along the way.

  1. Personalization benefits

Emails that are handcrafted for individual readers tend to fare up to six times better than generalized content. It’s true – people like to be treated nicely and with the respect they deserve. By automating your outreach, you can pay closer attention to the writing style and voice of your content so that it addresses individuals. Using words such as “you”, “we”, “us” and active verbs that involve the reader in your content can help you fare far better on the market. It all comes down to the way you talk and act in front of your readers – something you can easily control if you don’t have to think about pushing the “send” button yourself.

  1. Reduced overall costs

Going for an automated marketing approach is far cheaper than having specialized staff onboard. While you will still have to invest into a software subscription and have someone operate the scheduling manually, these costs are superficial at best. Your RoI will be far higher than it would be if you had to take another person in just for the sake of content management. Whether for better or for worse, businesses should always look for ways to decrease spending and increase saving – something that’s more than possible with marketing automation.

  1. Reduced margin for error

We all make mistakes sometimes – programs and scripts rarely do. Posting wrong content on a wrong day or even creating it for the wrong audience can be devastating for your marketing efforts. Reduce the margin for error in your company by allowing the marketing experts to focus on research and content creation instead of management and scheduling. Your software will never fail you if you input all the right commands into the interface. All you need to do is plan your wanted steps accordingly and let the email marketing outreach program do the rest.

Putting the Wheels in Motion

You might be wondering as to how long it would take to implement marketing automation or how much it would cost. Keep in mind that this process is cheaper and faster than having to train personnel to do it for you – something we have already talked about. All you need to do is figure out a good concept for your content creation strategies going forward and figure out how you can benefit from marketing automation. Every business has a different set of rules and milestones to achieve – weigh your pros and cons before committing to something you might not need. Marketing outreach software and strategies can greatly elevate your site traffic and engagement so long as you know what you are doing.   Image Source:

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