5x Revenue in 7 Months – a CLVboost Case Study

Industry: Online Fitness Content: Email Marketing Automation Highlights: Improvement in Sales Revenue by Collaborating with CLVBoost Todd K. is the owner and operator in the online fitness industry – primarily selling educational fitness programs, much of which he has filmed himself in his small home studio. In just over half a year Todd has seen increases in his eCommerce sales revenue by a factor of five since he has started working with CLVboost. Todd’s decision to become a member of CLVboost was largely a factor of his frustration with stagnant sales numbers and unpredictable revenues month to month. Hearing of CLVboost’s work with other eCommerce clients, and already neck-deep in InfusionSoft (with no direction on how to use the software), Todd made the decision to learn from us directly. Todd’s strategy was to send large volume to $7 and 19$ books and then optimizing the backend with upsells as well as over relying on promotional sales as the source of profit. Over time he realized that CLVboost specialty in creating product continuity was the ideal path to go on in order to achieve he’s business goals. Now let’s look at the steps Todd took in order to achieve the success in sales that he has amassed by collaborating with CLVboost.

Todd’s Path to Success with CLVboost

  1. InfusionSoft Utilization – One of Todd’s first initiatives with our team was in implementing InfusionSoft as his basis for his sales platform and email marketing. Previously was using another online site managing sales which eventually led to he became frustrated in not being able to do what he needed to do with his business with that site. But with InfusionSoft and the help of CLVboost he was able to help segment his different products to different customers based on their interests. By segmenting leads by their major goal (IE: weight loss, strength, muscle growth, etc…), Todd was able to target each lead more effectively and close more front-end sales with differentiated email autoresponders (a topic to which we’ve written about extensively).
  2. Sales Page / Offer Variety (On Autopilot) – One of the other things that Todd realized was that the majority of his sales pages pre-CLVboost were lacking both in scope and they weren’t being utilized to their fullest potential to grab the attention of new and existing customers. But, since focusing on copywriting best-practices and thoroughly split-testing his main offers, Todd has now been able to not only categorize his pages in order to best suit the specific product that he was selling at the time but he was also sort out some of the copyright issues that he was having as well learning how to best format the pages in order to make the products more palatable to the customers. The result? Significantly higher month-over-month sales.
  3. Recurring Revenue / Subscription Sales – The most effective step that Todd took in order to increase his sales was having a more focused and regimented presence online by utilizing the steps above as well as starting his own online academy. Through the creation of his online academy Todd was able to create more of a direct link with his consumer base and increase the number of customers subscribed to monthly billing programs, guaranteeing a “baseline” of revenue that Todd could never guarantee before.

Todd’s Results by Utilizing CLVboost

Through a partnership with CLVboost, Todd has been reaping the benefits of having his online fitness business working like a well-oiled machine and the results have been beyond his expectations. The biggest benefit beyond a 4-5x improvement in cash flow has been the security and confidence in recurring, consistent monthly revenues, the kind of reliable, family-supporting business Todd had wanted all along. Without the use of promotions and with CLVboost Todd has been able to reach the $25,000.00 goal and continues to reach to heights as he continues his business. At the time of the posting of this article, Todd’s revenue well exceeds $40,000.00 per month, due in large part of a pool of congoing subscription customers who pay monthly. Todd’s next major benchmark is $85,000.00 per month in revenues (a 1 million dollar annual run-rate), and with his systems in place, and high-converting offers, he’s well on his way. For businesses interested in our 1-to-1 consulting services, please read more about our application-only Blueprint Program here.]]>

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