40k from Scratch in Online Sales – a CLVboost Case Study

Industry: Online Muay Thai Training Content: Email Marketing Automation Highlights: Increased Sales Revenue by Collaborating with CLVboost through the use of the following strategies:

  • Lead generation strategies to increase list of email subscribers
  • Marketing automation strategies to sell more products
  • Product release strategies to maximize personal sales
Sean Fagan is the owner and operator in the online Muay Thai Kickboxing industry since his company’s collaboration with CLVboost he has been able to increase his sales by well over $40,000. Sean is one of many online marketers who have come to us as nearly complete beginners, and have ended up with a consistent, growing online income thanks to proper marketing and automation strategy.

Sean’s Path to CLVboost

Prior to working with CLVboost, Sean was living in Thailand and was struggling financially as he was working to get his business off of the ground. For years, he had tried blogging, growing a following in Facebook, podcasting, and more – but had never found a stable and predictable income. As time passed Sean realized that in order for his business to continue he would need outside coaching and advice to bring his online business to the next level. So with that Sean sought outside help with CLVboost to help make his business more customer-friendly and be able to generate a consistent and livable income.
  1. How Sean Grew his Email List with CLVboost Strategies – Email marketing is an imperative when it comes to owning and operating an online business in many ways from advertising sales and products, building your email list and everything in between, it’s the cornerstone to any successful online business. But for Sean and many other self-starters, email marketing is often underutilized. But with the help of CLVboost Sean was able to learn new strategies to help increase his online presence as well as the size of his email list – mainly by turning his social media pages and blog into a high-converting lead-generation system (implementing many of the inbound marketing basics that we teach).
  2. Using Video + Email Marketing to Drive Sales –  One of the pieces of marketing media (and probably the most important) that Sean began to utilize is the use of video. With the help of CLVboost Sean became more adept at using video to his advantage by “dripping out” educational content over time – building a relationship with new subscribers and leading them directly to the sale of related products. By making videos Sean was able to put a face to the product as well as be able to talk about his courses as well as his background and experience in his own field.

Sean’s Financial Success – Real Marketing Automation Results

Prior to his work his work with CLVboost Sean was struggling to make a living with his business working on it full time in top of training full-time for fights as well as giving his own private lessons. One of Sean’s online incomes before working with CLVboost came in the form releasing e-books, these e-books would generate about $1,000-$2,000 upon release as well as revenue from sponsors and advertising. But, the income Sean’s was making on a monthly basis was very inconsistent and fluctuated wildly. Soon after that Sean released a video series on his fitness site call Clinch King on clinching which was filmed in Thailand. Within a month of the initial release of the Clinch King (his first video program), Sean made about $15,000 which was more than the total revenue he made so far on his website. And after that Sean released another online video course which has generated $25,000 since its release. With CLVboost to Sean with his email marketing/segmentation, marketing media Sean’s income from his online business brings him a consistent $3,000-$6,000 a month depending on factors such as promotions, new product releases, and email blasts. Sean’s success shows that with the right marketing knowledge and a push in the right direction any one can take their online business and make it a success. For businesses interested in our 1-to-1 consulting services, please read more about our application-only Blueprint Program here.]]>

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