3 Great Examples of How to Generate Leads with Blogging

Site 1: Conversion Rate Experts Company overview: Conversion Rate Experts is an international consultancy that uses a “scientific methodology” to help clients optimize revenue.   Conversion Rate Experts  

  • Subtle calls-to-action – all article content is explicitly related to the needs and desires of potential buyer
  • “Trust symbols” at top  of page (Google, Facebook, Sony, and other big-name client logos) gives clout
  • “We have designed…” statement at top of pages brings value and social validation; clearly conveying expertise well
  • Client testimonial with link to more testimonials in right side bar; testimonial is from a large company and gives numbers evidence (300% increase in conversion rate)
  • CRO toolkit encourages prospects to opt-in
  • Gives links to additional articles or and option to subscribe to RSS feed
  • Link to methodology (internal info that promotes them as experts)
  • Services link at bottom of page
  • Free conversion resources popup as you scroll toward bottom of page
  • “How can we help you?” link at bottom of page
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Site 2: HubSpot

Company overview: HubSpot, a Boston-based marketing consultancy that recently went public, coined the term” inbound marketing”. In terms of strategies for gaining leads, they are creme de la creme, an do many things right (i.e. great content, dialed-in avatars, etc.)   HubSpot
  • Other marketing content linked in sidebar
  • Can subscribe to blog no matter where you are on page (button at top follows you as you scroll)
  • At the bottom of every post, there is always a rotating call-to-action; sometimes its a free trial, a white paper, a webinar, or a subscription to a blog
  • Social validation – “Join 400,000 marketers” with another exit pop-up to subscribe (soft call-to-action)
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Site 3: KISSmetrics

Company overview: KISSmetrics used to be headed up by Neil Patel, cofounder at Crazy Egg. The company does a credible job in creating valuable content and generating customer leads.   KM1  
  • Allows you to log in with Google and subscribe at top of page – quick and convenient
  • The banner for logging in with Google (light call-to-action) follows you around the page; it’s not too “in-your-face”, but still lets us know that they’re there. If in a hurry, users can click the free trial button quickly
  • Easy and quick option for free email updates (in sidebar)
  • Soft call-to-action in sidebar to register for webinar (gets a prospect’s name and email into the database)
  • Scroll to the bottom of each post and you’ll find a link to a white paper (another soft call-to-action)
  • Social connections and another call-to-action to start free trial at bottom of page
KM2   The above is a succinct glance at strategies (read up on additional conversion optimization strategies in this article) that three reputable companies are using exceedingly well in the digital marketing arena to create quality content and consistently generate leads. I hope this tutorial gives you some ideas for your own action plan, always keeping in mind your key objective(s) and next step(s) for prospects, whether that call-to-action be signing up for a webinar, opting-in to content, booking an appointment, or another conversion tactic. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Here’s to another productive week! -Daniel Faggella Founder CLVboost]]>

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