Email Marketing Tactics from Billion-Dollar Companies

This video clip and those following are taken from CLVboost Founder Dan Faggella’s startup marketing presentation for #BostonGrowthHackers at the Microsoft New England Research & Development Center.  The strategies are break-down techniques that Dan models from billion-dollar companies, like L.L. Bean and HubSpot, that can be applied to your own business models. Email List Sub-Segmentation…

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Using ToutApp for Effective Outbound Email Marketing Campaigns

In the following tutorial, I’ll review the step-by-step process for how to conduct an outbound email campaign using the app Tout. Part I – Setting up the Campaign You’ll need an external email list to get started.  This might be a list that you gathered, or that you hired someone else to gather, or it could be…

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How to Write Email Subject Lines That Get Opened

In this tutorial, we’ll review the importance of email subject lines and discuss the principles that can make the difference between emails with strong open rates and those that spend too much time in the spam box. Importance of the Subject Line The email subject line determines the likelihood of whether an initial email is…

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3 Powerful Methods to Decrease Conversion Friction and Make More Sales Online

In this tutorial, we’ll be talking about decreasing conversion friction, particularly in any kind of lead capture or squeeze page situation.  Whether you’re trying to get a prospect to sign up for software, book a phone appointment, or buy a product online, if you’re trying to capture leads, its important to include the following fundamentals to ensure…

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CLVboost Presents at Mass Innovation Nights #62

Mass Innovation Nights

CLVboost was chosen as one of the contestants for Mass Innovation Nights #62, and was also “upvoted” into the top 3 companies – giving us an opportunity to get on the microphone an present for the MassInno crowd. The night was electric with a lot of enthusiasm from burgeoning companies – and fun interactions with bigger…

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Segment Your New Prospects for Higher Long-Term Email Marketing ROI

This video was taken during CLVboost’s recent presentation at the Microsoft New England Research and Development center in Cambridge, MA. Any startup can successfully use the marketing automation, email and database marketing ideas I shared earlier this week when I had the pleasure of being a featured speaker at the Boston Growth Hackers – Spring…

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