3 Tips to Increase Your Online Store’s Conversion Rate

(This article is sponsored and written entirely by an outside party – for more information about our partner content, visit our advertising page. This article was sponsored by Aumcore, a digital marketing agency based in New York City.) Some think that the most competitive people reside in the world of sports. Wrong, if you want to…

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What Marketers Need to Know About the Difference Between AI and Machine Learning

(This article is sponsored and written entirely by an outside party – for more information about our partner content, visit our advertising page. The author of this article is Danish Wadhwa – an IT professional who represents various brands for content marketing services. Danish has more than six years of experience in the digital marketing…

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5 Lessons from Million-Dollar, One-Person Business Owners

Elaine Pofeldt Book Dan Faggella

Over the last 12 months Elaine has interviewed many founders of lean seven-figure companies – including some people who I’ve known from the fitness niche and the email marketing scene. After my original interview with Elaine for Forbes she let me know she was working on a book that would be out more than a…

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The Metamorphosis of Email UX in 2018


(This article has been published as partner content with HubMonks – to learn more about getting exposure on CLVboost.com, please visit our advertise / partner content page.) With nearly 105 billion emails being sent each day, we have a solid case for email marketing as one of the most lucrative marketing channels for businesses. However,…

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Is it the Right Time to Apply AI to Your Marketing Processes?

AI in Marketing

The huge volume of data churned out whether from sales, online customer behavior or market research surveys has brought companies to cave into the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in their marketing practices. With the goal of improving ROI, driving down operational costs, creating the best customer experience and other ways of optimizing customer lifetime…

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Marketing Tech Meets A.I. – 5 Year Trends Forecast

Much of the attention in the AI and machine learning world in the last two years has centered around healthcare, autonomous vehicles, and info security applications. Despite significant venture investments in AI marketing tech, it’s a sector that get’s a low share of media headlines compared to other sectors. “Car drives self” and “AI to…

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The 2 Levers Dan Faggella Used to Bootstrap to 830% Revenue Growth

This article was originally written by the team at Stand Out Authority for Inc Magazine’s online publication – and is being republished here on CLVboost.com “I had just sold the gym I started at age 20, and I decided it was time to get serious about building a business around my blog. I didn’t have any…

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5 Strategies To Increase Engagement On Google+

Whether you own an eCommerce or brick-and-mortar business, utilizing Google+ as a networking and media tool is smart strategy. With well over one-hundred-million active users, Google+ is ranked as one of the world’s top social media websites; however, their algorithm goes far beyond the conventional features of “sharing and liking” content. In this article, I…

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How To Generate Organic Leads Through Social Media

Continuing on our recent social media bent, this month we focus on generating organic leads through social media—one of the toughest nuts to crack for most marketers. As social media continues to evolve, more platforms are becoming prevalent amongst start-up companies and individuals. Unfortunately, this has lead to social media becoming misunderstood in many ways.…

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How To Optimize Social Media For Lead Generation

I’ve seen it one too many times before: marketers make the mistake of treating social media as a “hobby”. They post on Facebook a couple of times per week and expect massive amounts of traffic to suddenly appear. The reality is that social media is just like any other endeavor in life. It requires time,…

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