Daniel Faggella is a recognized email marketing expert, entrepreneur, and speaker. Starting his first business in his undergraduate years, Dan began with his second business while attending the University of Pennsylvania's prestigious Master of Applied Positive Psychology program. His expertise lies in targeted marketing strategies and exceptional attention to maximizing the ROI from email.

Selling his first business at age 25 and moving from Rhode Island to Boston, Dan has a passion for helping startup and existing businesses use marketing automation technology to drastically increase their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), and drive business metrics that matter.

Dan has been recognized not only by the many companies he's helped directly, but by major media sites such as the Boston Business Journal, MarketingProfs, Direct Marketing News, and more. He has been interviewed on popular shows such as MIXERGY,, Entrepreneur on Fire, and many others. He also speaks around the country on successful marketing strategy and business, including the eMarketing Association's national conference, Bryant University, the Cambridge Innovation Center, and more.

Today, Daniel works with a select group of companies ranging from software, hard products, eCommerce, service businesses and beyond. His consulting efforts focus entirely on email marketing, marketing automation strategy, copywriting, and conversion-rate optimization.


We believe that the first area of focus should always be the area of highest return - and that a client's bottom line trumps everything else. The answer to where that highest ROI area lies is not necessarily an easy process, but thanks to analysis, experience, strategy, and the vision of our clients, we find the proper path and pursue it doggedly to see higher continuing returns for our clients.

We believe that our progress should be tangible and measurable. Whether it's engagement with an app, purchase volume per quarter, average transition size, or some other meaningful metric, our client's businesses are run by prime drivers where we can prove improvement with hard numbers and ultimately - revenue figures.

We believe that marketing systems should be refined for continuing returns over time. We are proud to say that our work is never about one-time benefit, but about the refinement of systems that will return more and more profit to our clients for years to come. We don't provide one-time fixes, we refine / build strategic systems that contribute to the bottom line from then on out.

We believe in Roman discipline.